Professional Prospects

Proyección profesional

The General Health Psychologist qualification (Psychology degree with 90 ECTS of Clinical Psychologist + Master’s degree in General Health Psychology) authorizes the student to work in this field, as a salaried worker or self-employed, in the private healthcare field and register the Psychology care units and surgeries on the General Register of Healthcare Centers, Services and Establishments (for foreign students who wish to work in Spain it will be compulsory to validate their degree, accrediting the 90 ECTS in Clinical Psychology and complete the Master’s degree in General Health Psychology).

Care centers, institutions and companies where General Health Psychologists can work include:

 Private sector healthcare centers

 Patients associations concerning different pathologies

 Psychosocial rehabilitation centers for chronic patients

 Addiction treatment centers

 Special care community health centers

 Specialist child-youth centers

 Old Age People’s homes.

 Neuropsychological rehabilitation units

 Private sector fertility units: treatment for parents with fertility issues.

General Health Psychologists carry out psychological research, assessments and interventions on aspects of people’s behavior and activity that influences promotion and improvement of the general state of health, as long as these activities do not require specialized care from other healthcare professionals.

Psychologists working in the National Health System (or state-funded) centers, establishments and services to perform the healthcare services derived from its portfolio of common services corresponding to these professionals should hold the official qualification of Specialist Psychologist in Clinical Psychology referring to action 3 of annex 1 of the Royal Decree 183/2008, dated 8th February, determining and classifying specialities in Health Sciences and developing certain aspects of the system of specialized healthcare training.

The paragraph above will be understood without affecting the responsibilities of other healthcare specialists and, when appropriate, multi-field specialists from the corresponding work teams in the field of mental health.

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