The Master’s degree in General Health Psychology was devised to meet social demand for psychological care in the current social context. It is extremely important to be able to train general health psychologists who combine scientific knowledge with complete personal care. The Master’s degree in General Health Psychology authorizes Psychology graduates to work as health psychologists. The Master’s degree provides scientific professional training with a high humanistic and ethical component.

The course has been organized to balance out theory and practical work. In the first term, 27 ECTS are taken on basic theoretical and theoretical-practical teaching, to give a good grounding for the practical training in the second term, on a work placement in health centers and services. The third term focuses on teaching so that, by drawing on their experience during the work placement, students can complete the skills required to work in this profession. This last period goes into greater depth on skills and knowledge, whilst boosting future professionals’ capabilities regarding research and action, meeting the highest standards.

El MPGS se basa en tres elementos distintivos:



FORMACIÓN: Profesionales y profesores de reconocido prestigio



EXPERIENCIA: prácticas de alta calidad y asesoramiento legal y logístico relacionado con abrir tu propia consulta



NETWORKING: Contacto con expertos del sector