The curriculum indicates the subjects for the degree and their nature (basic, required, elective, etc.), the number of credits for each subject, etc. Topics are divided into subjects, which in turn are organized into modules.

  • Module I: Philosophy, Models, Theories and Ethics in Nursing

    The purpose of this module is to impart an in-depth understanding of the nature and essence of Nursing and the structure and nature of its knowledge, as well as to recognize the importance of theory in Nursing as a discipline and as a profession. It also covers the fundamental concepts of Nursing's metaparadigm. At the same time, the module seeks to communicate to students the importance of professionals' individual excellence in order to be able to provide excellence in patient care. In addition, the goal is for students to be aware of how personal freedom and responsibility are the foundation of leadership and the professional career. Through their study students will likewise recognize how to respond ethically to conflicts that emerge during clinical practice.

  • Module II: Research in Nursing

    The purpose of this module is to train Nursing professionals to be able to propose, generate or create research questions, as well as to examine aspects relevant to their professional practice through a nursing paradigm. At the same time, this module seeks to enable Nursing professionals to carry out competitive research activities within their work environments that contribute to the development of knowledge in the field of Nursing. Students will become familiar with quantitative, qualitative and combined research methodologies, and will be able to synthesize and present the results of their research in order to promote evidence-based Nursing. Furthermore, students will be expected to be able to critically assess ethical aspects of human research.

  • Module III: Advanced Practice in Nursing

    The purpose of this module is to provide students with advanced knowledge in the field of Nursing that will allow them to pose questions about its clinical practice, analyze and interpret high-priority issues in healthcare and respond to the social and health needs of the population from a Nursing perspective. This module, which is organized in two subjects, covers topics concerning the concept and characteristics of advanced practice in Nursing, the situation of aging and social and healthcare planning for the elderly, chronic health processes and long-term care, and the family as the domain and unit of care, as well as the promotion of health in different stages of life.

  • Module IV: Administration and Management in Nursing

    El estudiante profundizará en la estructura de una organización sanitaria y su entorno. Además, estudiará los conocimientos teóricos sobre la Ciencia de la Enfermería y las teorías de gestión y administración. Este módulo es impartido por docentes del IESE Business School.

  • Module V-A: Practicum: Práctica Avanzada en Enfermería *

    El estudiante desarrollará el rol avanzado en enfermería, a través de la práctica clínica directa, con el fin de adquirir los atributos de rol avanzado y formarse como agentes de cambio. Se realizarán las prácticas en la Clínica Universidad de Navarra.

  • Module V-B: Theory and Practice. Nursing Management

    El estudiante diseñará planes estratégicos que sirvan para orientar la actividad de las organizaciones sanitarias. Asimismo, recibirá formación para el diseño, implementación y evaluación de procesos clínicos que optimicen la calidad y la seguridad de los cuidados. Finalmente adquirirá habilidades y aptitudes personales para la dirección de personas en las organizaciones.

    Este módulo es impartido por docentes del IESE Business School.

  • Module VI: Master's Thesis Project

    This project consists of a research proposal that allows the student to express the knowledge acquired during the course of the master's degree program.


* Los alumnos eligen entre uno de los dos itinerarios módulo V (A o B) 


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Academic regulations

Requirements for continued study and transfer and recognition of credits.