Presentación - Instituto Cultura y Sociedad

The Master of Social Science Research (MSSR) is built upon over fifty years of research experience at the University of Navarra, which trains interdisciplinary researchers in both the social sciences and other scientific fields.

The Institute for Culture and Society, a research center in the humanities and social sciences, coordinates the MSSR with direct collaboration from the University of Navarra's Schools of CommunicationLawEducation and PsychologyNursing, and Humanities and Social Sciences.

The program's objectives are as follows:

  • · To provide training in the categories and methodologies of social science research

  • · To teach students to use these methodologies in an integrated manner for a better understanding of society and culture

  • · To train students in various fields within the social sciences (e.g., communication, sociolinguistics, education and psychology, law, nursing, geography), with a particular emphasis on the need for interdisciplinary collaboration

  • The master consists of 60 European credits. The degree is granted upon passing each of the classes and completing a master's thesis.