Provide specialized high level training to graduates and young professionals who aspire, directly or through other education agents, to compensate for learning difficulties and development disorders demonstrated by some people throughout their lives. Specifically, it aims to provide professionals with management and guidance training concerning the following processes:

  •  Cognition and memory (gifted children, children with an intellectual disability).

  •  Communication (progressive language, communication and speech disorders)

  •  Learning (reading, writing and mathematical difficulties, children with ADHD)

  •  Emotional-social (fears and phobias, violence and bullying at school).

 Provide students with useful and effective tools to analyze and plan strategies and intervention programs, plus knowledge of a basic grounding for drawing up and completing these strategies and programs, including assessment of results.

 Find out about procedures and resources targeting maximum participation and social inclusion of people with special education needs and/or disabilities.

 Train professionals on human and ethical values that should come out in the goodness and effectiveness of their tasks and facilitate social and professional recognition for their work.

 Train professionals to design programs focused on prevention and development. 

 Strengthen basic and applied research.