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Admission information

It is important to be aware of the following when submitting your application for admission to the program you are interested in:

  • Applications will not be evaluated until they are complete. If any of the admission requirements are not met, the admitted student will be understood to have waived the right to enroll in the program.

  • Candidates are responsible for ensuring that all documents are submitted before the deadline.

  • The Admissions Committee will make an admission decision within approximately one month of the time the application is completed.

  • Both the application and the submitted documentation will become the property of the master's degree programs of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and will not be returned to the candidate, regardless of the decision of the Admissions Committee. We recommend that candidates keep a copy of all submitted documents.

  • Upon receipt of the admission letter, candidates must reserve their place in the program by paying a pre-registration fee of €1,000. This reservation must take place before the deadline specified in the letter and is non-refundable, except if students do not successfully complete the undergraduate or licentiate degree they are pursuing.

  • Admission is only valid for the academic year in which it was applied for and may not be deferred to subsequent years.

The application and all documents submitted by the candidate will become the confidential property of the master's degree programs, which undertake to handle them with confidentiality and make them available exclusively to those persons who need to make decisions regarding them.


Información sobre el proceso de admisión para realizar estudios en la Universidad de Navarra, tanto para alumnos de primer curso como de cursos superiores.

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