Master's Thesis Project

At the end of the second semester, to round off the work undertaken in the writing of Projects II (feature film), students will publicly defend their work. This defense will take the form of a pitch.

The committee, which is made up of professionals in the field of screenplays and audiovisual production, will assess the quality of the projects in terms of their dramatic and commercial value, as well as the rhetorical ability of the authors, who will have to make a brief presentation that summarizes the viability and strengths of their projects.

Based on the results obtained for the public defense, the students will have a period of time to individually rewrite the project, in accordance with the advice given by the professionals during the pitch, until they have a finished screenplay.

The Master's Thesis Project, which consists of 6 ECTS credits, is assessed based on the final result of this complete, rewritten screenplay for a feature film.


María Egaña
Coordinadora de Programas Máster

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