International Week in Miami

During the month of February, there is a Graduate International Week in Miami (USA), where participants will attend various professional development sessions, visit prestigious educational institutes in the area, as well as workshops about teaching Spanish. This is a unique opportunity to broaden your horizons for ELE teaching in the United States, one of the countries with the highest demand for Spanish teachers. In addition, students and alumni will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and expand their contact network.

The goals of this international stay are:

- To connect with Spanish teachers in the U.S. and MELE alumni

- To gain profound insight into ELE teaching in the U.S.

- To deepen your knowledge about the profession of a Spanish teacher

- To gain advanced knowledge about how Spanish departments work in American universities

- To observe ELE classes

Tuition for the Master’s program includes visits, professional development workshops, and classroom observations, but does not include living or travel expenses for International Week. However, students and alumni will be provided with the necessary information about their stay to help make the process easier.