Professional Development

The University Master in Spanish Second Language Teaching is not the final destination. It is a transformative experience that does not end when you graduate. For this reason, the program, together with the Universidad de Navarra Career Services, provide personalized professional resources to help you make an impact in the years to come.

The following data shows the destinations of previously graduated students who accepted positions in educational institutions or continued their education within three months of completing the MELE program.


First Destinations


The Master’s in Spanish Second Language Teaching at the Universidad de Navarra drives your professional development from the very beginning of the program. Students receive more than 600 internship hours through their work with the ILCE teaching team, a group of innovative and dynamic professionals.

From day one:

1. You’ll develop critical and analytical skills to help you reflect on and resolve the challenges presented by everyday teaching.

2. You’ll learn to create collaborative and independent classroom dynamics for your students. You’ll also learn to understand and analyze different teaching contexts, both nationally and internationally.

3. You’ll experience leadership in interdisciplinary teams focused on language learning.

The professional profile of students who complete the Master’s in Spanish Second Language Teaching at the Universidad de Navarra is one of a responsible teacher. They have real experience in pedagogical design, planning, assessment, and classroom management for Spanish as a second language classes.