Access profile

Prospective student profile

  • Students who satisfy the legal requirements established by article 16, RD 1393/2007, preferably with previous knowledge of Economics, Business Administration, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics or similar degrees. It is advisable for students to have an  intellectual interest to acquire the tools necessary for in depth scientific study, which requires command of the English language.

  • Other desirable characteristics include an interest in finance, a preference for mathematical and applied work, a desire to look for macroeconomic explanations where econometrics and quantitative issues are relevant, a desire to acquire knowledge about the workings of companies from a finance perspective, a strategic outlook, critical spirit, and work ethics, together with the ability to work in teams and present orally. Given the advance academic level of a master, academic merits deserve special attention in prospective students.

  • These include previous knowledge in certain areas, certifiable English competence, TOEFL, GRE, professional experience….

  • Graduates in the fields of Economics, Business Administration and Management

  • Students with a solid grounding in quantitative studies and skills, from such fields as Engineering, Mathematics and Physics.

  • Those who wish to work in firms working in the field of finance.

  • Graduates who want to develop their professional career in research departments in public and private entities and organizations with core competencies in designing economic policies at all levels.

  • People who wish to teach and to research in universities or business schools