The University of Navarra Housing Office provides information on the different kinds of housing and advises students to help them find a place to LIVE the UNAV Experience, not just a place to eat and sleep.

The options offered by the University of Navarra are all different:

1. Colleges. University college are on-campus centers that provide students with housing and promote residents' cultural, professional and personal formation and direct their activities toward service to the university community and society.

They organize cultural, social and sporting activities that contribute to students' holistic education and are open to all, including non-residents. College life enriches students of all years, graduate students and students from very diverse backgrounds (Official website for specific info.)


2. Supervised Apartments. Supervised apartments are near campus and associated with a university center or College. They provide for all room and board needs through an integrated residence service, seven days a week. Supervised apartments hold the same cultural and academic activities as their associated university center or College.

Residents are always university students and each apartment has a manager, the dean, who is a senior student responsible for ensuring a harmonious and studious environment.

Reference monthly cost:

→ Male supervised apartments: €590/month

→ Female supervised apartments: between €550 and €680/month

(Official website for specific info.)

3. Residences. Residences are centers with their own legal status that are run by private institutions that provide residence in accordance with their own rules and statutes.

They promote residents' education through humane and friendly treatment and furthermore enhance their personal and academic development. Residents do not need to be university students.

Female residences: €557-750/month (Official website for specific info.)

4. Other types of housing (Official website for specific info.)

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  • → Housing for short stays
  • → Housing for exchange students
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