Applicant Profile

Perfil de ingreso

The following are essential requirements for completing the Master’s Degree in Human Rights:

- Applicants must hold a degree in Law or the Legal Sciences from a university in Spain or abroad. Consideration will be given to students with equivalent degrees, provided they are considered suitable to help the student succeed in the master’s program.

- Students may apply for admission before obtaining an undergraduate degree, but they must provide proof of having received the degree at the start of the program.

- Applicants must demonstrate a foreign language level of B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference or equivalent.

- International candidates whose native language is not Spanish must demonstrate that their Spanish proficiency corresponds to level B2. See accreditation procedure.

The following characteristics in particular will be assessed:

- Intellectual interest and sufficient determination to make an in-depth study of the methodologies and practices of legal research and to obtain a thorough knowledge of human and fundamental rights.

- Interest in a future dedication to research and teaching or the practice of human and fundamental rights advocacy at national and international bodies in legal and non-governmental fields.

- Aptitude for argumentation and capacity for work, and the ability to work as a team member with enthusiasm and initiative.