Educational model

The Master's Degree in Political and Corporate Communication presents the following main characteristics:

> Joint, multidisciplinary training in political and corporate communication.

> Importance attached to the phases of analysis and planning in communication strategies, phases that are considered to be key elements.

> Methods based on interactivity and advance preparation of topics by students through case studies, reading, etc.

> Academic rigor in the fundamental elements, together with its distinctly professional and practical orientation.

> Requirement for exclusive commitment.

> International dimension in the program, academic staff, activities and students.

Session types

The regular practical classes take place in the afternoons from Monday through Friday, between the months of September and February in the Postgraduate Classroom at the School of Communication.

Every Friday morning, special sessions are held in the form of a chat/discussion with industry professionals, who will share their work experiences in various fields of the profession with the students.

The variety of profiles and prospects achieved through all of the special sessions is an extremely enriching way to complement the learning students obtain through regular classes.

Group projects

Preparation of communication campaigns or strategies throughout the period of study in Pamplona by following the dynamic of the first three modules of analysis, planning and implementation. They are based on real cases or situations, and each group has regular mentoring from a professor in the master's program.

In this subject, the instruments, techniques and tools taught through subjects are put into practice. In the middle of February, the projects are presented publicly before a committee made up of professors in the master's program and industry professionals.


Students are assessed by professors in the different subjects of the curriculum that they teach.

The overall assessment of the master's program is based on a weighted average resulting from the grades in each subject, in proportion to the number of credits in each.