Internal Quality Control Standards

The School of Sciences at the University of Navarra believes that it is of utmost importance to ensure the quality of its degree programs and the services it offers. To do so, it has implemented Internal Quality Control Standards (SGIC) within the first year of the AUDIT program overseen by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation ANECA. This program systematically covers the activities that the School carries out to strengthen their quality and ensure continuous improvement of all the official degree programs (undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees) and services it offers.

The organization in charge of quality monitoring and assurance of official undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Navarra School of Sciences is the Quality Assurance Committee (CGC), whose composition ensures the presence of various stakeholders on the committee: academic staff, undergraduate and graduate students, administrative and service personnel, and members of the Quality and Accreditation Assessment Committee (CECA).

The Board of Management of the School has appointed a Committee to manage and coordinate the master's degree program, consisting of:


This Committee is tasked with  directing and coordinating the development of the master's degree program, as well as for reviewing the results achieved and making proposals for continuing improvement.

The process of review and improvement includes the gathering of opinions, suggestions and complaints from students, academic staff, and administrative and service personnel. The suggestion box can be used for this purpose.



Official documents

Registry of Universities, Centers and Qualifications (RUCT)

  Degree approval process
 Degree report
 Final Evaluation Report
 Curriculum as published in the Official State Bulletin (Spain)
 Verification report