• Admissions

  • Admissions
  • The programme is aimed primarily at students with degrees in the Exact Sciences, Physical Sciences, Economics, Business Administration, Engineering or equivalent areas and who are interested in pursuing a career in one of the positions for which the master’s degree provides training.

    Rolling admissions: candidates will receive the result of their application the month after applying.

  • The price for 2021-2022 academic year is 23.000€ (including the international weeks)

    The admission criteria are based on academic record, level of English and prior professional experience.

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  • Register on myUNAV.

  • Complete the application form and attach scans of the required documentation.

  • If the Admissions Committee considers it appropriate, it will contact the candidate to request an interview and/or the GRE results.

  • Candidates can view the status of their application in the Applicant Portal, although they will also be kept informed by email.

  • If a candidate is approved for admission, he or she will have to register by the dates indicated.

Academic record


Two letters of recommendation

A personal statement

Proof of English level

A photocopy of the passport

One passport photo

Proof of payment of €100 (non-refundable)