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The Institute of Liberal Arts has been part of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Navarra since the Institute opened in 1960. Its objective is to attract Spanish and international students wishing to obtain a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree or a Master's Degree in Liberal Arts (MA) by obtaining University-accredited qualifications similar to those from English-speaking universities, or to participate in Bridge Programs (Semester/Year). 

Since it opened in 1960, the Institute of Liberal Arts has focused on the most authentic aspects of the university spirit: profound reflection on the basic human questions, knowledge of our culture's humanist tradition and the creation of spaces for interdisciplinary dialogue.

The Institute of Liberal Arts provides quality teaching adapted to the specific demands of our time. It gives students the skills to master technologies and the specific competences needed to take advantage of new job opportunities. It helps students develop the intellectual skills characteristic of the humanities and education.

The essential qualities of Liberal Arts students are highly valued as competitive advantages in our society: a comprehensive vision and practical application of knowledge, creative solutions to the new challenges of our world and skills in the art of expression.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Information on scholarships that may be of interest to students, prospective students and alumni of the University.