• ¿Qué es #LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival?

    #LabMeCrazy! Film Festival es un festival internacional que trata de despertar pasión por la ciencia, poniendo en valor y premiando algunas de las mejores producciones audiovisuales relacionadas con la ciencia. Se celebra en Pamplona (España) entre el 1 y el 4 de febrero de 2021.
    #LabMeCrazy! Film Festival es una iniciativa del Museo de Ciencias de la Universidad de Navarra. Esta institución trabaja en tres líneas básicas en relación a la ciencia: investigación, educación y divulgación. Bajo el lema "Tierra, Belleza y Compromiso", el Museo concibe la ciencia al servicio de la naturaleza y del ser humano.

  • Why was the #LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival created?

    In the current context characterized by an overabundance of information, videos represent an essential tool to raise public awareness of science and awaken a passion in young people with a view to creating new research vocations.

  • Why focus on science?

    We need to make all of society aware that scientists’ work makes it possible to tackle the major challenges of our time: curbing climate change, meeting the rising demand for energy, improving health, eradicating hunger and promoting equality in economic and social development worldwide.

    Science satisfies human beings’ thirst for knowledge and helps us advance towards a better society.

  • Why the name #LabMeCrazy!?

    This science film festival was conceived in a university environment and is aimed primarily at young people. For that reason, we wanted a name that would appeal to young people. The name evokes the English expressions “Drive me crazy” and “Love me crazy,” which conjure up enthusiasm and passion, in this case related to science.

  • Why use science-related audiovisual content?

    Scientific videos have the unique capacity to achieve the goals of the festival, since they:

    • Turn complex issues into accessible, enjoyable stories.

    • Awaken emotions in the viewer by depicting realities that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

    • Create an impact and make an impression. They force the viewer to face harsh realities without intermediaries.

    • Encourage the viewer to reflect on science as a stepping stone to a possible shift in attitude towards scientific and environmental issues.

  • What videos can be entered in the competition?

    Any audiovisual production on a subject related to science, completed no earlier than January 1, 2017, can participate in the competition.

  • Is there a limit in terms of the maximum duration of videos?


  • What is the procedure for submitting an entry?

    Entries must be submitted online, via the Filmfreeway platform.

  • What is the deadline for entries?

    June, 21st, 2020.

  • Is there a fee for submitting an entry?