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SEPTEMBER 28, 2017 SEPTEMBER 29, 2017

08:15     Participants registration

08:45     Official Opening of the Conference (Academic and Governmental authorities)

09:00     Opening speech. Ecological quality and conservation status of rivers of Navarra [in Spanish] D. César Pérez (Gobierno de Navarra)

Theme 1: Indicators of ecological freshwater quality

10:00     Utility of macroinvertebrates to estimate ecological status [in Spanish] Dr. Javier Oscoz (Universidad de Navarra)

11:00     Coffee. Poster session.

12:00     Macrophytes use as ecological status indicators of our rivers [in Spanish] Dr. Pedro Tomás (Laboratorio de Ensayos Técnicos S.A.)

13:00     Design of optimal monitoring networks to the evaluation of ecological status in the Iberian rivers.  Dra. Ana Filipa Filipe (Universidad de Oporto)

14:00     Lunch

16:00     Geomorphological aspects of freshwater ecosystems as ecological indicators [in Spanish] Dr. Alfredo Ollero (Universidad de Zaragoza)

Theme 2: Conservation status and invasive species

17:00     Management of aquatic invasive species: technical difficulties and cases study [in Spanish] Dr Elías Dana (Junta de Andalucía)

18:00     Impact of signal crayfish in freshwater ecosystems [in Spanish] Dr Iván Vedia (Universidad de Navarra)

19:00     Visit to the Art Museum – University of Navarra

Theme 3: Research and Conservation of freshwater ecosystems

09:00     Ecology and Conservation of Urban Pondscapes. Dr Christopher Hassall (Universidad de Leeds)

10:00     The role of natural science museums in studying the evolution of ecosystems [in Spanish] Dr David Galicia (Universidad de Navarra)

11:00     Coffee. Poster session.

12:00     The size structure of the fish community as a metric for the ecological assessment [in Spanish] Dr Lluís Benejam (Universitat de Vic)

13:00     Flow and nitrogen retention in watersheds: the influence of climate and agricultural management [in Spanish] Dr Luis Lassaleta (Universiteit Utrecht)

14:00     Lunch

16:00     Patterns of spatial distribution of fish communities in relation to the ecological gradients of the Amazonian Andean piedmont [in Spanish] Dr Ibon Tobes (Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica)

17:00     Mapping and modelling the impacts of dams, weirs and road culverts on freshwater fishes. Dr Stephanie Januchowski-Hartley (Université Paul Sabatier)

18:00     Planning for river conservation and restoration, towards an integrated management model for biodiversity and water resources [in Spanish] Dr Virgilio Hermoso (Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya)

19:00     Closing of the conference



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