Schedules for families

Central Building hallway

10.00 h. Schools sessions with students

  • School of Humanities: 9:15 am/ Room 32, Central Building.
  • ILCE: 9:30 am/ Room 2320, Central Building.
  • International Foundation Program: 9:15 am/ Room 30, Central Building.
  • School of Communications: 10:00 am/ Room 12, Communications Building.
  • School of Sciences, Pharmacy and Nutrition: 10:00 am/ Secretarial Office 13, Science Building.
  • School of Medicine: To be announced.
  • School of Education and Psychology: 10:00 am/ Meeting Room, Humanities Library. 
  • ISSA: 10:00 am/ Room 23, Amigos Building.
  • Facultad de Económicas: 10:00 am/ Room 11, Amigos Building.
  • Facultad de Derecho: 10:00 am/ Meeting Room, Amigos Building (floor -1).


13.30-14.30 h. "Check in" and light lunch


14.45 h. Welcoming Speech


15.50 h. Session: "Vital Information"


15.30 h. Ice Breaker

   15.45 h. Session: "Student Resources"

   16.00 h. Tour of Pamplona

   17.00 h. Campus tour


19.00 h. "Pintxo" (Optional)
Experience the local delicacies. Approximate cost per pintxo: 3 euros.

Room 440, Humanities Library

11.00 h. Spanish Club Coffee 

Meeting point: Three Kings Hotel


17.00-19.00 h. Sweet Tour

Get to know your new home through it´s sweet side


Room 9, Communications Building


13.45-15.45 h. Movie

Meeting point: Colegio Mayor Larraona


09.45 h. Trip to San Sebastián

This cultural trip gives students an inside view of “The European Culture Capital 2016”.

Clínica Universidad de Navarra


17.00 h. English Mass

Meet your chaplain

20.15 h. Spanish Mass




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