Schedules for Spanish students

Amigos Building

9.00-12.30 h. Pick up Welcome pack

You’ll be able to collect your Welcome Pack and accreditation in the morning from a stand located at the entrance to the Amigos Building.


9.00-12.30 h. Guided tours of the Campus and Museum

Tours will leave from the entrance of the Amigos Building every half hour.


13.00-14.00 h. Welcome event for new students and their families

The University authorities will officially welcome the new class in the Amigos Building hall.


14.00-16.00 h. Food Trucks

Several food trucks will be available on the library esplanade (south entrance) for those who want to eat outdoors with their families and new classmates.  


16.00-16.30 h. Aerial photo "GO UNAV '17!"

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in an aerial photo of the new class for a great keepsake. 


16.45-17.15 h. Sesión sobre Cultura universitaria

En el Edificio Amigos. 


17.20-18.10 h. Evento "Vivir la Universidad"

A brief presentation of the University’s main services will be held. Afterwards you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the services that interest you most at the corresponding stand (sports, volunteering programs, cultural activities, languages, student associations, etc.).

18.15-19.15 h. Sesión "Ser feliz en la Universidad"

Psychologist Marian Rojas will hold a motivational session and offer tips on how to approach this exciting new phase. It will take place in the Amigos Building hall. 


University of Navarra

10.00-14.00 h. Sports Open Day

The University’s sports center will organize an open day for those who want to get involved in sports or simply want to find out more about the facilities. 

14.00-17.00 h. University halls of residence program

For students being housed in a university hall of residence, each hall of residence will organize welcome activities for their students that day. 


10.00-20.00 h. Museum University of Navarra tours

Free guided tours of the Museum University of Navarra will start every two hours.


University of Navarra

12.00-14.00 h. Museum University of Navarra tours

Free guided tours of the Museum University of Navarra will start every two hours.


10.00-14.00 h. Tours of Pamplona

Guided tours of Pamplona city center will be organized. Tours will start from the square outside the Baluarte Auditorium. Starting times: 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 12 noon and 1 p.m.


* Misas en la Clínica Universidad de Navarra: a las 17.00h en inglés y a las 20.15h en español 


University of Navarra

First day of class. Sessions with Schools


19.30 h. Music and classmates event

A small concert will be held in front of the Museum University of Navarra to allow you to get to know your new classmates.


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