Welcome Parents!

We encourage you to join us at our Parent Welcoming Sessions as a vital step in supporting your Universidad de Navarra Student. This day-long series of presentations and tours runs concurrently with the student program but is a separate program to meet the specific needs of parents and guardians.

To register please sign up here (Link) or when your student registers for the Welcoming days online, they will be able to register parents or guardians for Parent Welcoming Sessions.

Please note that the Parent Welcoming Sessions will be mainly held in Spanish.

Welcome to the Universidad de Navarra family!

Museum Universidad de Navarra


8.30-9.00 h. Arrival and "Check in"


9.15 h. Welcome Speech


9.30 h. Session


10.45 h. Coffee Break with student advisors


11.45 h. Session


12.30 h. Lunch


13.30 h. Campus tour


18.00 h. "Supply run" (Optional)
The “Supply run” is a great opportunity for you to get to know where to get groceries and other necessities throughout your stay.

More information

Gladys Núñez
International Relations Office

General contact:
Campus Universitario
31008 Pampona

+34 948 425600
Ext: 803459
For immigration information: visa@unav.es