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  • Train

    Train is one of the most efficient and comfortable ways to get to Pamplona and to move from our city to other regions of Spain. Besides, the pleasant views you get by travelling on train as you leave or enter in Navarra is really worth it. You can book tickets and check out the different routes on the official webpage of the train services in Spain.

  • Plane

    Pamplona has its own airport and it has daily flights from and to Madrid that last a maximum of 45 minutes. Said this, it is the best option for people who have had a long flight up to Barajas Airport and want to finish their journey to Pamplona in the fastest and most comfortable way as possible. The airport counts with a cab station and it is really close to a bus station, and it takes less than 20 minutes to make it to downtown. Here’s more information about the airport.

  • Bus

    If you are arriving to a city close to Pamplona, such as Bilbao, or you need more space for luggage than the one provided by trains, taking a bus is the best option. Buses connect the main cities of Spain with Pamplona´s bus station in the heart of the city, and most of times you can find really good prices for your ticket. Take a look to the bus station page here.

    City buses in Pamplona are called villavesas and connect the entire city and some small towns surrounding Pamplona. These are the buses that will take you straight to our University:

    • If you want to get to the main campus (Economics, Philosophy and Literature, Law School, Architecture, Communication, Theology) you can pick bus #1 from the Príncipe de Viana square (It stops next to the Museum) or the bus #5 from Av. Zaragoza (stops next to the Law School)
    • If you want to get to the Sciences Buildings (Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Biology, Biochemistry, the Clinic and CIMA) you can take the bus #4 from the Merindades Square or the bus #15 from Paseo Sarasate. Both of them stop right in front of the University Clinic.

    If you want to know more about the routes and schedules, check their webpage here.


  • Bike

    Bikes are also a good option to move around Pamplona. Despite it is easy to get used bikes from other students by getting in touch with them, the city Hall also provides a service for renting bikes that are parked in different spots around the city. Check out their webpage to see how it works.

  • Map: Campus

    In case you want to already know where in Pamplona the University is located, we count with a digital map of our campus to help you find out where you will be studying this following year.

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