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  • Student Card

    • First student Identification Card

    For students receiving their student card for the first time, you will receive your card directly from your faculty.

    • To apply for a second card in case it is lost or broken

    In order to receive your Student ID, you must fill out a form, bring a copy of a recognized Identification (Passport, Drivers license, etc.) and a passport sized photograph to be turned into the corresponding location.

    For students – Turn in the documents to the Office of the Registrar (“Oficinas Generales”).

    For more information, click here.

  • Registration for classes

    Registration for clases are done through our online portal: miunav.

    For more information check out this link or talk to your academic school advisor. 

  • ADI

    Aula VirtuaI is your gateway to have all your academic course needs on hand and online. Through this platform you will be able to have direct communication with professors (updates, changes, etc.), be aware of assignments, have access to documents that deal directly with the course, and more. 

    To be given access to Aula Virtual you must use your student email address and password, which will be given to you upon registration.

    More information.

  • Exams

    Exams are an exciting period. Don´t let them sneak up on you. Generally exams take place:

    • 1st semester: December 5-22

    • 2nd semester: May 2-18

    • Exam recovery: June 5-24

    Check out this link for tips and more information.

  • Grades

    Grades are given on a scale of 0 -10 and based on the judgment of the professor at the end of each course. If you wish to discuss the final grade, there is a period in which you may consult with your professor. This period will be made known to you through ADI and your email account.

    For more information about the Spanish university system check here.

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