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    One of the first things every new student needs to do is to meet with their Academic Counselor.

    First year undergraduate students - You will have the chance to meet with an academic counselor from your school. For more information check here.

    Exchange / Erasmus / Foundation Program students – you will be contacted over the summer by the international office of your school about student advising. For more information, check here.

    • For any legal questions or non-academic concerns Exchange/Erasmus/Foundation Program Students can feel free to contact the central International Relations Office located in the central building.

    Once the academic year begins, Academic Counselors will be your best resources to help navigate the maze of requirements and classes.

  • Academic calendar 2016-2017


More information

Gladys Núñez
International Relations Office

General contact:
Campus Universitario
31008 Pampona

+34 948 425600
Ext: 803459
For immigration information:

  • Academic calendar 2016-2017