10 reasons to study Management Assistant-Asistencia de Dirección at ISSA:

  1. The syllabus is multidisciplinary and innovative. It is focused in four areas.
    1. Business Management
    2. Communication and Languages
    3. Information Management and New Technologies
    4. Human Factor

  2. Practical: At ISSA we implemented a new teaching methodology based on integrated multidisciplinary projects which helps to train students to become the highly versatile professionals the current job market is looking for.

  3. You will learn different languages (English, French or German) and Spanish of course. The groups are small and arranged by knowledge level.

  4. Full International Character:
    - Exchange and Erasmus+ program with more than 40 partners in 16 countries.
    - Two mandatory study trips. Two weeks of language, cultural, and business immersion in different countries through academic study trips that aim to enhance the students’ international profile.
    First year: Boston (USA)
    Third year: France or Germany* (*based on the second language being studied).
    - International internships.
    - More than 30% of native teachers.
    - More than 20% of international students.
    - Excellent command of 3 languages.

  5. Leading Program in Employability. We offer lifelong Career Services to all our alumni in order to help them to develop their professional career.

  6. Pioneers and Unique. University of Navarra is the only university in Spain to award a Degree in Management Assistant. ISSA School of Management Assistant is a reference among companies for its reputation.

  7. We work with the students on developing their professional skills and abilities to create their own personal brand and career path. Each student is assigned an academic mentor who will accompany them throughout their studies.

  8. Students can specialize in an specific sector either through the exchange program or an internship in a national or international company:

Event Management
Hospitality & Tourist Services
Human Resources
Sports Management
Healthcare Management
Fashion Business

  1. You can develop your professional career with a master or postgraduate program offered by our international partners.

  2. Interdisciplinary and cross-cutting profile. You will have a lot of different career opportunities and you be prepared for all of them.




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