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International Students

Are you planning to study abroad? Have you thought about coming to ISSA? I´ll tell you three reasons why you should choose us:

1- Studying at ISSA allows you to get Masters or Bachelor's degree in the USA or Canada with a Working Visa for one year and take advantage of the American student's benefits.

2- You will get knowledge of several areas such as International Business, Intercultural Communication, Languages, Law and Events Planner.

3- The University of Navarra is one of the most well-known universities in Spain. Moreover, ISSA is the only school in Spain with a Management Assistant degree. 


Cristhian Mestre
Responsable de Movilidad Internacional

General contact:
ISSA School of Management Assistants Edificio Amigos.
31009 Pamplona

948 42 56 00
Ext: 802981

My experience at ISSA


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