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Studying in Canada

Centennial College in Toronto, Canada, offers a range of programs to students and graduates of ISSA School of Management Assistants, University of Navarra.

  • Exchange programs

    Our students can choose to do the second semester of their third year in Cenntennial College. During their stay, students take several subjects in the Post-Graduate studies offered so that those who wish to do so can return, after finishing their studies at ISSA, to complete the Post-Graduate program with another six-month stay.

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  • Post-Graduate programs

    Centennial College offers ISSA graduates the following Post-Graduate programs:

    • Global Business Management (12 months*)

    • International Business Management (12 months*)

    • Logistics Management (12 months*)

    • Marketing Research and Analytics (12 months*)

    • Project Management (12 months*)

    • Strategic Management (12 months*)

    • Event Management –Festival and Conferences (12 months*)

    *Students who have completed the exchange program in this centre during their bachelor’s degree studies can complete their chosen Post-Graduate program in 6 months.


Cristhian Mestre
Responsable de Movilidad Internacional

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