Career opportunities

The profile of the graduate in Management Assistance is in high demand in the business world. During the academic year 2017-18 an average of 5 jobs offers were received for each student finishing their studies. One of the aims of ISSA is to ensure that students build their personal brand, discover their interests and strengths, and maximize them as they prepare to chart their own career path.

Companies are attracted to this profile for the following aspects:

• Competitiveness and professionalism

Global Talent

Foreign Language proficiency

• Outstanding skills

Students and graduates will have access to:
Career guidance

Help in designing their career path, training in skills and tools to search for opportunities.

Internships in national and international companies

An opportunity for students and recent graduates to apply their academic knowledge and develop skills for a career in a global environment.
Employment service Personalized job placement service at every stage in their career.


Job Offers

Alumni Profiles

Professional Career Guide