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Actividades y Networking

ISSA Alumni Meeting Navarra
ISSA Alumni Meeting Gipuzkoa
ISSA Alumni Meeting Madrid

ISSA School of Management Assistants - A Global Network

Over the years, more than 3,000 students have passed through the classrooms of ISSA-School of Management Assistants, first in San Sebastián and now in Pamplona campus. ISSA graduates are the best ambassadors of the University of Navarra. We are proud of our alumni network since they turn into reality the values and the vision of ISSA. 

Due to the international and multidisciplinary character of ISSA many former students have developed opportunities to work both national and internationally. Most of our alumni work in Spain while some others work abroad. France, Germany, the USA, El Salvador, or the UK are some of the countries where our graduates make an impact not only in business management, but also in society, based on the humanistic and social values that in the 21st century are even more current and necessary than back in the ‘60s when ISSA was established.

Being alumni of ISSA means building long-life relationships. During our activities and networking events we create opportunities to involve and connect former students, professors, and companies to generate beneficial relationships, between alumni and the university. Thanks for letting us be part of your personal history.

ISSA Alumni

María José Razkin

General contact:
Edificio Amigos Universidad de Navarra
31009 Pamplona

948 42 56 34


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