When you are tasked with preparing and planning a research project for a company, it is advisable to request a written document, such as a letter, specifying the project requirements.

With the summary provided by the contracting entity, the work plan or technical report for carrying out the project are defined.

With the project report from the Contracts Departments, the budget can be prepared. You should not send a budget to the company without the prior approval of the Research Management Service.

If your research department or group provides regular standardized services (analysis, consultancy, etc.), we recommend that you carry out a regular review (e.g., annually) of the budgets for such services.

Upon both parties' compliance with the report and budget, the Research Management Service will send the offer to the contracting entity along with the documentation prepared for approval.

When the sponsor approves the work plan and budget, the Research Management Service initiates the preparation and negotiation of the agreement.


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