HRS4R in the University of Navarra

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The University of Navarra is an institution which, since its inception more than 50 years ago, has been committed to research in both scientific and humanistic areas. Its continued commitment to research and its philosophy of constant improvement at all levels have recently led this university to adhere to the European initiatives "European Charter for Researchers” and “Code of Conduct for Recruiting researchers".

Following the European Commission´s recommendations, in 2016 the University created a working group of professionals from different research areas whose initial task was to carry out an internal analysis on the basis of the principles laid down by the European Charter and the Code of Conduct. This analysis has concluded in a solid diagnosis of the current situation at the University of Navarra and a definition of an Action Plan which will be published soon.

Convinced that its human capital is its most important value, the University of Navarra has proceeded to signing the following endorsement letter, ascertaining its commitment to obtaining the Human Resource Strategy for Researchers (HSR4R) seal of Excellence in the subsequent months.

  • Steering Committee

    Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero


    Iciar Astiasarán

    Vicerrectora de Investigación

    Pilar Lostao

    Vicerrectora de Relaciones Internacionales

    Maria Iraburu 

    Vicerrectora de Profesorado

    Gonzalo Robles

    Vicerrector de Comunicación

    Javier Mata

    Director del Servicio de Gestión de Investigación

    Belén Latasa 

    Directora de Recursos Humanos



  • Implementation Committee

    Fernando de la Puente

    Director de I+D 

    Cristina Patsouris

    Subdirectora de oficina proyectos internacionales

    Pablo Goñi 

    Responsable de Recursos Humanos Investigación

    Pilar Recalde 

    Directora de Secretaría Técnica de Investigación

    Xavier Tapias

    Subdirector de Valorización y Transferencia

    Elena Unzue

    Subdirectora de Relaciones Laborales

    Olga Ezpeleta

    Unidad de Garantía de Calidad

    Angela Saenz

    Comité de Ética