• Fourth Technology Plan of Navarre

    The Fourth Technology Plan of Navarre for the 2012-2015 period seeks to define and plan innovation and technology policies. Specifically, it aims to improve business competitiveness, boost the acquisition and transformation of knowledge, and incorporate Navarrese innovation into the European Research Area.

    The development of this plan is based on the following basic criteria:

    • Promotion of research.

    • Technological development and innovation.

    • Updating and improving the competitiveness of the business network.

    • Increasing the cooperation of the agents in the systems of science, technology, business and society.

    • Applying the open innovation model in two ways: internally, from companies, and externally, by cooperating with other entities and organizations.

    • Continuous innovation in companies.

    To achieve these objectives, the Regional Government of Navarre, through the Innovation Agency of Navarre, benefits from the collaboration of R&D&I agents in the development process: companies, universities and technology centers, as well as social and economic agents.

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