Promotion of results

The process for promoting results involves the following steps:

  • Identification and registration of technological resource

    Firstly, the results and skills of each research group should be identified. This process involves communication between the research team and the Research Management Service.

    The researcher's first step is to complete a profile that outlines the technological resource.

    The researcher will then be contacted by the Research Management Service to arrange a meeting to find out more about the technology offered and the skills of the research group, and to clarify any questions.

  • Cataloging technological resources

    The second step involves drafting and cataloging the technological resources. The Research Management Service is developing a catalogue for dissemination in the relevant forums.  At the moment there is a catalogue that allows users to look for experts at the University using key search terms.

    Access the researcher search engine

  • Promoting the resource

    Once the resource profile has been written, the dissemination process begins. Different websites are normally used for the dissemination process. One of the most important is the Enterprise Europe Network, which has a global reach.

Valorización y transferencia

Xavier Tapias Mateu
Resp. de Valorización y Transferencia

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