Procedures and services

When you are contacted by a laboratory proposing your participation in a clinical trial, you should contact the Research Management Service. This service will take care of all procedures required to ensure the correct management of every aspect.

The Research Management Service manages the legal and financial aspects of clinical trials.

  • Financial management

    The financial report for a clinical trial must be evaluated and approved by the Clínica Universidad de Navarra management team.

    Under no circumstances should you sign a financial report proposed by a sponsor. If you receive such a request, you must forward it to the Research Management Service so that it can be assessed.

    It should only detail which tests, within the trial protocol, are considered outside normal medical practice for patients with this disease (extra tests).

  • Facturación

    El Servicio de Gestión de investigación se encarga de tramitar la facturación al promotor, según lo establecido en el contrato.

  • Management tools

    Once the agreement has been signed, the trial will be assigned an eight-digit identification code (account), which will be credited with invoice payments for the trial.

    Charges for clinical tests associated with the trial and stipulated in the agreement will be applied to this account (direct costs of the trial).

    You can find out the financial status of each of your trials (one account per trial) through the
     Economic Information program.

    Access to management tools

  • Patient payment

    The Research Management Service is responsible for managing travel expense payments for patients taking part in clinical trials, provided that the sponsor requests it and it is stipulated in the agreement.

    If the sponsor proposed the collaboration, you should inform the Research Management Service, which will handle the matter with the sponsor and advise you of the agreement reached.

    Neither you nor your team should get involved in collecting receipts or paying patients directly.

  • Legal aspects of negotiation

    If you have received a proposal to take part in a clinical trial and you are interested in doing so, you must send all available information to the Research Management Service.

    You should only sign off on the suitability of the research team. Any type of agreement must be supervised and managed by the Research Management Service.

    The Research Management Service is responsible for negotiating and drafting the agreement for undertaking the clinical trial, as well as carrying out the formalities for obtaining approval from the Clínica Universidad de Navarra committee. All legal and/or administrative documents you receive that relate to the trial must be forwarded to the Research Management Service to be processed.

    Once the Research Management Service and sponsor have reached a consensus on the wording of the agreement, and with the approval of the principal investigator, the agreement will be signed.