Grants that aim to promote the geographical and inter-institutional mobility of personnel associated with R&D&I activities.

There are two formats at the national level:

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Format A: Stays for senior professors and researchers at foreign centers, including the Salvador de Madariaga program

This format is aimed at university professors and researchers with proven track records. It is designed to promote mobility for the purposes of continuous retraining, which will enable them to achieve the program's general objective in any area of knowledge and participate in regular teaching and research work at the host center, at any level of higher education.

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Format B: José Castillejo overseas study periods for young PhDs

This format aims to encourage and incentivize mobility in the 2012-2013 academic year for young PhDs who have recently joined university teaching bodies.

There is another format that consists of a sabbatical year for outstanding researchers. More information

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Marie Curie

International mobility stays for longer than a year.

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