Enterprise Europe Network

The University of Navarra can provide solutions to meet many technological needs.

The University of Navarra is part of the Enterprise Europe Network, one of the networks for promoting technological resources and requests. Backed by the European Commission, it is the most powerful and extensive network for exchanging technological resources and requests.

As the representative in Navarre, the University makes the network's services available to companies, universities and technology centers in Navarre.

Technological cooperation

Identifying and disseminating technological resources and requests among companies, universities, technology centers and other organizations dedicated to R&D&I.

Providing companies with advice on matters directly related to technology transfer such as industrial property rights and funding.

Organizing technology transfer events to promote agreements between companies and entities offering technology.

Supporting negotiations aimed at obtaining technological cooperation agreements.

Participation in European projects

Identifying and disseminating partner searches for creating consortia and submitting projects to calls under European programs.

Organizing conferences on the presentation of calls for participation in European funding programs (Seventh EU Framework Program for Research and Technological Development, the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Program, ERA-NET, etc.).

Organizing specialist training seminars (preparation of proposals, project management, etc.) for participation in European funding programs.

ACTIS consortium

In order to streamline the services offered by the Enterprise Europe Network, consortia covering the entire European region have been created. The University of Navarra is part of ACTIS, a Spanish consortium made up of 10 members from five regions.

Exploitation and transfer

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