• Plenary Session I - Tuesday, April 19
    "Defining Technologies, the Sociocultural Mind, and the Spanish Second Language Classroom".
    Dr. Eduardo Negueruela, Academic and Research Director, Institute of Spanish Language and Culture (ILCE), University of Navarra.

  • Plenary Session II - Thursday, April 21
    "Empowering Professors for EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction): Challenges and Opportunities".
    Dr. Ruth Breeze, Professor of English at the Language Institute of the University of Navarra and member of the research group 'Public speaking' (GRADUN) in the Institute of Culture and Society (ICS).

  • Workshop I - Tuesday, April 19
    ILCE Pedagogical Innovations: Global Responsible Literacy, Digital Storytelling, and The Transformative Experience

  • Workshop II - Thursday, April 21
    Equipping Administrative Personnel in the International University: A Case Study

  • Workshop III - Friday, April 22
    Communication with Students: Best Practices

  • Workshop IV - Friday, April 22
    Helping Students from the International Office: case studies 

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