International Science Program


  • The student must enrol in the Program from first year. A special group (ISP) will be created for students who are pursuing the Program.

  • Upon applying for admission the future student will have the following options:
    · Degree in Biology + International Science Program or Degree in Biology
    · Degree in Biochemistry (biomedical orientation) + International Science Program  or Degree in Biochemistry (biomedical orientation)
    · Degree in Chemistry + International Science Program o Degree in Chemistry

    If the student choses one of the options that includes the International Science Program, the result of the admission test will determine whether or not they can pursue it or must choose another option.

  • Completing this program will appear on the student's record and in the European Supplement to the corresponding Degree Title.


Santiago CairetaSantiago Caireta
Admission Coordinator
School of Sciences
+34 948 425600
(ext. 806265)

Irantzu IbáñezIrantzu Ibáñez
Administrative Office
School of Sciences
+34 948 425600
(ext. 806595)