International Science Program

Degree in Chemistry

To obtain the International Science Program, students of the Degree in Chemistry must:

1. Pass the following compulsory subjects of the program (30 ECTS credits) *:

Asignatura Curso y semestre ECTS

General Chemistry I

1º - 1er Semestre


Structural and Functional Biochemistry

1º - Anual


Applied Statistics

1º - 2º Semestre


Quantitative analytical chemistry

2º - 2º Semestre


Statistical thermodynamics, transport and surfaces

3º - 2º Semestre


Instrumental analytical chemistry

3º - 1er Semestre


Laboratory of Atomic amd Molecular Structure

2º - 2º  Semestre





* Students pursuing the International Science Program must also pursue the other subjects offered in English in first year.


2. Obtain the 12 ECTS credits for elective subjects that may be chosen from the following:

·  Environmental chemistry (6 ECTS credits )
·  Skills in Scientific English (3 ECTS credits)
·  Data analysis (3 ECTS credits)
·  Radioactivity (3 ECTS credits)

* Scientific Research Skills for RTP students (compulsory in 4th year)

* The students of the diploma in Bioinformatics must enroll for ONE of the previous subjects and the following: 

· Computational Biology
· Data Analysis

The student may complete an internship at an overseas company and have up to two elective subjects recognised:

·  Company internship I (3 ECTS credits)
·  Company internship II (3 ECTS credits)

The electives on offer vary based on the Faculty’s offering, which in all cases must maintain the educational objectives of the International Science Program.

3. Report and oral presentation of Final Dissertation in English (15 ECTS credits).


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