International Nutrition Certificate


The Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics offers complete and well-rounded education and training in the food sciences, nutrition, dietetics and catering, specializing in healthcare based on the food sciences from both the prevention and cure perspectives. But in light of the current context of internationalization and globalization, the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition has designed the Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics + International Nutrition Certificate, a qualification with an international dimension that encompasses such activities as study-periods at international universities and institutions, subjects in English, international internships, etc. This program is an ideal opportunity for students hoping to embark on their careers outside Spain.

  • 6 ECTS of subjects taught in English specific for them

  • At least a semester of studies exchange in a foreign university in 3rd or 4th course

  • 5 months of practical training in a foreign country

  • Degree report and dissertation in English

Nº of students: 8

Students taking this Certificate have specific requirement to stay in the Certificate: pass all subjects in 1st or 2nd call. Students that do not meet this criterium must leave the Certificate.

Director: Dr. Pedro González

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