International Foundation Program

Admission and registration process

Admission is requested through the Admissions Office of the University of Navarra. You should first registrate on my Unav. This will be your own private area at the University of Navarra: a communication channel for applying for admission, keeping up to date with our events and contacting us whenever you need to.

Once the application is completed for the International Foundation Program, and after the student has attended the interview and taken the Spanish proficiency level test, the admissions process has concluded. The decision on admission will indicate the level of access to the program according to command of the language, as well as the modules and subjects in which the student is allowed to enroll.

The student will enroll in a set of subjects from the Linguistic and Cultural Skills module and, if applicable, in a set of specific content subjects that are related to the area of knowledge requested by the student (Sciences, Communication, Humanities, Law, Nursing, Architecture, Nutrition, Economics and Business Administration, and Education and Psychology). Students wishing to take subjects in Spanish or English for specific content modules must prove at the time of registration a minimum B2 level (European common reference framework) in the corresponding language.

Students wishing to enroll in subjects from different areas of specific contents (for example: Economics and Business Administration, and Law) can request to do so during the first days of the program, within the time-frame established by the Office of the Registrar for the modification of the registration. The approval of the Program Coordinator is required in such cases.

To be able to register in the International Foundation Program, candidates must be admitted and have finished the Baccalaureate or an equivalent study program (high school, college preparatory studies, etc.).

Each student will pay for registration fees the amount resulting from multiplying the number of credits in which the student is going to enroll by the value of the program's credits. Check the current price of the program.

Additionally, students should pay €100 in administrative fees that include academic records, student ID card, etc.


Regina Sheerin
Admission Coordinator International Foundation Program

General contact:
University Campus
31009 Pamplona

+34 948 42 56 00
Ext: 802982