Nested Applications


Admission Process

Step 1: Admission

Admission is requested through the Admissions Office of the University of Navarra. You should first register on myUNAV. This will be your own private area at the University of Navarra: a communication channel for applying for admission, keeping up to date with our events and contacting us whenever you need to.

Once the IFP application is completed, and after the student has had an online interview and taken the Spanish proficiency level test, the admissions process has concluded. The decision on admission will indicate the level of access to the program according to command of the language, as well as the modules and subjects in which the student is allowed to enroll.

Step 2: enrollment

Once the student is admitted, the program  Coordinator will prepare a personalized schedule based on the academic interest and language proficiency of the student.

Financial Information

Prices 2021/22

· International Foundation Program (60 ECTS): 10.000,80 €
· International Foundation Semester Program 1 (30 ECTS): 5.201,40 €
· International Foundation Semester Program 2 (30 ECTS):  5.201,40 €

Scholarships and financial aid

Students of the International Foundation Program have access to some, but not all the financial aid available to students in degree programs. Further information may be obtained from your UNAV  Admissions delegate.

Housing and Health Insurance


The Housing Office at the University of Navarra provides information on different types of accommodation and guides student on finding a place to live, not only a place to sleep and eat.

The objective of the Housing Office is to inform each student about the different types of accommodation available, and help them find the option that best meets their interests and needs. The idea is that the student can achieve their best possible academic performance and full personal development.

The University of Navarra offers a variety of options. For this reason, it is important to choose wisely, since the choices made may condition the student's future academic experience.



1. Choosing suitable accommodation is as important as choosing your college degree.

2. The process of choosing accommodation must be carried out at the same time as the university admission process. That is to say, it is advisable to visit the housing options in advance, to register and if necessary, to attend an interview; we strongly recommend that students make housing arrangements before knowing the outcome of the university application process.

3. It is also advisable to apply to several possibilities, because some of them have limited places and are in great demand.

4. A University Residence Hall, a Residence or a University Club is highly recommended for first year students.


Health insurance

it is mandatory for international students enrolled in this program to have health insurance coverage for the duration of the IFP.

medical insurance plan for students is available to assist with any medical or hospital expenses.