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José Antonio Fernández (JAF), PhD in Pharmacy from the University, GMP from the IESE Business School and member of the Royal Academy of Doctors, is the responsible of the Wheels4LIFE project, which mission is to support solidarity projects through scooter trips to places distant from some logistical difficulty.

His blog "Vespa Extreme" is a story that includes a series of Vespa adventures, some already made and others planned on his agenda, with destinations such as Mongolia, India, Siberia, Alaska, Iceland, Latin America, etc.

Dakar will be the destination of the next JAF solidarity adventure, whose objectives will be to sensitize society about neglected diseases, raise funds to finance research on these diseases developed by the Tropical Health Institute and bring medical help to a hospital in Dakar .

The adventure to Dakar will be able to be followed minute by minute in the social networks thanks to the geolocator SPOT that takes in his vespa.





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