Instrumental techniques: Cytometry, nucleic acid extraction, sequencing

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The investigators of CIMA and Universidad de Navarra can use the DNA Sequencing Unit services, in accordance with the following rules:

The samples will be sent properly identified, with a purchase voucher  and a request form duly completed in all sections. The purchase voucher will be already completed by the investigator, indicating the number of reactions, account number to be charged and the name and position of the responsible investigator.  The request form is attached to this document.

To verify that the amount of DNA is sufficient, it is essential to also send an image of an agar gel of the purification products sent, indicating the volume of each sample. As a guideline, when 2 µL of a sample produced a visible band in a standard agar gel, it can be considered that the minimum concentration of DNA in this sample is around 5-10 ng/µL.

If after the separation electrophoresis there is an excess of sample which is not claimed by the investigator who sent it, the sample will be destroyed a week after reception.

72 hours after the reception of the sample, the investigator will receive an email with the files of the electroforogramas (ab 1), which can be analyzed with any file viewer. Abi. No hard copy sequences will be sent and no intervention in the interpretation and/or posterior study of the data obtained will be done

In summary, the investigator will be sent to the sequencing unit:

1. Samples, properly  tagged and with the minimum amount of DNA indicated on the form.

2. The form duly completed.

3. A representative DNA concentration image of an agar of the purification products sent.

4. A purchase voucher duly completed.

Important: It is mandatory to indicate the sample concentration. 

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