Proteomics, genomics and bioinformatics

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The proteomics, genomics and bioinformatics Service has a technologic platform that is capable of addressing large-scale analysis of proteomes using two-dimensional electrophoresis, DIGE, capillary chromatography and mass spectrometry MALDI TOF and ESI/MS/MS. Therefore we are able to meet the demands of researchers in related with:

  • Advice for the approach of proteomics research.

  • Realization of monodimensional and two-dimensional gels for Coomassie, Sypro Ruby or Western Blot stains

  • Comparative analysis of proteomes based on two-dimensional electrophoresis DIGE technology.

  • Treatment of protein samples: precipitation and digestion.

  • Protein identification.

  • Study of mixtures of proteins of medium and high complexity.  

  • Identification of some post-translational modifications (ESI/MS/MS) as phosphorylations, methylations or acetylations.  

  • Characterization of substances (peptides, sugars, bile acids, etc.) through mass spectrometry.

  • Characterization of the molecular mass of proteins.

  • Quantitative analysis of complex proteomes using iTRAQ labelling.

  • Quantification of proteins by MRM.

  • Quantification of metabolites by MRM: adenosine nucleotides (APT, ADP, AMP) and polyamines (putrescine, spermidine and spermine).

In addition, practical training courses recognized by the Proteomics National institute (ProteoRed), The Spanish Proteomic Society (SeProt) and the Spanish Biochemistry Society (SEBBM) are organized periodically. 

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