IV Symposium of Tropical Health

IV Symposium of Tropical Health



  • Dr. Paul Nguewa
  • Dra. Socorro Espuelas
  • Dra. Carmen Sanmartin
  • Dra. Silvia Pérez Silanes
  • Dra. Silvia Galiano
  • Dr. Ignacio Moriyón
  • Dr. Carlos Gamazo
  • Dra. Silvia Carlos
  • Dr. Gabriel Reina
  • Dra. Esther Larrea
  • Dr. Philippe Loiseau
  • Dr. Juan Manuel Irache

Scientific Comittee

  • Dr. Philippe Loiseau
  • Dra. Ana Tomas
  • Dr. Francisco J. Otero Espinar
  • Dra. Socorro Espuelas
  • Dr. Vassilios Roussis
  • Dr. Thomas J. Schmidt
  • Dr. Harry P. de Koning
  • Dr. Basilio Valladares
  • Dr. Juan Manuel Irache
  • Dr. Paul Nguewa

Honor Comitte

  • Uxue Barkos
    President of the Government of Navarra
  • Joseba Asirón
    Mayor of Pamplona
  • Fernando Domínguez Cunchillos
    Councilor of Health for the Government of Navarra
  • Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero
    President of the University of Navarra
  • María Pilar Civeira
    Director of the Center for Applied Medical Research
  • Iciar Astiasarán
    Vice-President for Research. University of Navarra
  • Luis Montuenga
    Dean of the School of Sciences. University of Navarra
  • Secundino Fernández
    Dean of the School of Medicine. University of Navarra
  • Mercedes Pérez Diez del Corral
    Dean of the School of Nursing. University of Navarra
  • Adela López de Cerain
    Dean of the School of Pharmacy. University of Navarra

Technical comittee

  • Susana Murillo
  • María Orbe
  • María Asunción Labarta
  • Guillermo Sainz
  • Patricia Sainz de Robredo
  • Raquel Arilla


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