Message from the Director

Paul Nguewa

The Institute of Tropical Health of Universidad de Navarra  (ISTUN) is endorsed by the experience of several decades of research in Tropical Diseases at Universidad de Navarra.

Worldwide more than 1.000 million people have already some kind of impairment or severe deficiencies caused by a tropical disease. This is mainly caused by the impossibility of supplying vaccines or doing successful prevention. Great part of the problem is because scarcely 1% of the research resources in the world are dedicated to study the poor countries diseases. 

 These diseases are endemic in over 140 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The extended list of diseases includes: cholera, malaria, leishmaniasis, Ebola, dengue, filariasis, brucellosis, leprosy, Chagas, etc.

The goal of the Tropical health Institute is to investigate these infections, in collaboration with research centres, universities and hospitals that are located in the countries where the diseases are present. Making these  countries active participants in the study of the diseases they suffer, we make a real transfer of technology, as well as we help them to train their researchers. In this sense, professionals from countries of Europe, America, Africa and Asia will work and cooperate at the Institute. In addition, the scientific collaboration network includes more than 22 medical research centres and universities in 16 countries.

Paul Nguewa Tchinda