Instituto de Lengua y Cultura Españolas



The academic program offers Spanish Language and Culture courses, divided according to the linguistic level of the students (MCER). The students complete a placement test before their arrival.


Apart from the classes conducted in English, Spanish will be the language of the classroom in order to provide students with maximum exposure to the language. The main focus of classes is on Spanish communication, and we strive for maximum use of the language in the classroom. This means that instructors will speak Spanish to students during class, and students will be expected to do the same with the instructor and classmates. 

Due to the communicative nature of these courses, it is essential to come to class every day. Absences will result in the deduction of one percentage point from your final grade (of 100 total points). Officially documented absences need to be excused either before the student is absent or one classroom day after being absent. The make-up of any non-exam materials (homework, essays, etc.) will be accepted up to one class day after the due date with an official excuse.



The courses focus on the development of written and oral communicative abilities in Spanish through an interactive activity-based approach. Courses are based on active learner participation. Students are expected to engage in interactive small and large-group activities. The different tasks presented in class will require students to use Spanish in multiple situations that reflect the use of different varieties of Spanish. Assessment is based on both students ability to use the language in written and oral tasks and on their own knowledge and understanding of Spanish language and culture.