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Semester Program

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Semester courses

An Academic Semester or Year course is a great way to immerse yourself in the Spanish Language and Culture. The program focuses on the development of written and oral communicative abilities in Spanish through an interactive  activity-based approach. Courses are based on active learner participation. Students are expected to engage in interactive small and large-group activities. The different tasks presented in class will require students to use Spanish in multiple situations that reflect the use of different varieties of Spanish. Assessment is based on both students ability to use the language in written and oral tasks and on their own knowledge and understanding of Spanish language and culture.

Semester courses are ideal for:

  • All students that need to improve their level of Spanish language in order to start a program at the university
  • International degrees
  • Study Abroad students
  • Erasmus and Exchange students
  • Bridge Year students
  • International Foundation Program students
  • Visiting Scholars

All individuals that need Spanish for work or social purposes

  • Cultural Peer Program

    The ILCE Cultural Peer Program (ICPP) strives to make incoming international students feel welcome and help them  to inmerse into Spanish life. 

    The program matches international students with spanish native speaking university students, who provide a friendly face and helpful information. They offer that first Universidad de Navarra friendship and a great opportunity to inmerse into the local community, which can make a world of difference for incoming international students who are learning Spanish. 

    The online registration form and information will be sent to all ILCE semester students.

  • Academic Advising

    Students are given academic advisement through the semester. Each student has an Academic Advisor, who is a university full time professor. 

  • Academic Calendar

    The academic year has two regular semesters:

    Fall: September-December

    Spring: January-May  

    Fall final examinations period begins late November and ends in December. Spring final examinations period begins late April and ends in May

    Academic Calendar (pdf)

  • Certificate and credits

    An official transcript by the Universidad de Navarra will be awarded to all students who complete the program.

    Credit Recognition: 1 ECTS equals 10 h of instruction. Please consult with your advisor at your home university to assure the transfer of ECTS (European credits) to your credit system.

  • Learning expectations

    · Class Format: Most are lecture/discussion courses. Exams, personal dissertations and oral presentations

    · Attendance:  Attendance  is  mandatory  and  often  taken  into account  for  the  final  grade.

    · Participation: Participation can count for up to 30% of the final grade

    · Grading: Grades range from 0-10
    0-4.9= Fail, 5-6.9= Pass (C), 7-8.9= Good (B), 9-10= Excellent (A), 9-10 MH= A with Honors

    · Course load for local full time students: 30 ECTS/semester.  No minimum or maximum workload  is required.

    · Examinations: Midterm Examinations are common, Final Examinations standard.

    * Both regular semester and retake exams are compulsory to be taken at the University of Navarra

  • Tuition and fees

    Tuition: 162,50€ for credit ECTS

    Application fee (non Refundable): 100€

    University Registration fee: 95€

    ILCE Administration Fee: 115€

    Official Transcript of Records fee: 25€

    Payment can be made by international bank transfer. Students are responsible for any fees charged by host banks to complete the money transfer).

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