• What do I need to do to register in ILCE?

  • Is the Spanish placement exam required?

    Yes. Students who do not take the placement exam will not be able to register for ILCE courses.

  • How much to ILCE courses cost? Are there any other expenses?

    • Each ECTS credit costs 109 €.

    • A 93 € registration fee is also required.   Books and photocopies are necessary for some courses.

  • Special Conditions

    • Students with Erasmus or Exchange agreements with the School of Philosphy and Letters do not pay anything, given that ILCE classes are covered in their agreement.


      Students who come to the University with an Exchange agreements from other Schools have to consult the international coordinator of their School to see if there are special conditions.

  • Is class attendance mandatory?

    ILCE classes are fundementally practical, which makes attendance considerably important.  Consult the course program (First semester / Second semester) to find out how much class attendance is worth for the final grade.

  • Are there courses for absolute beginners?

    Yes, absolute beginners can take all of the courses taught at the A1 level.

  • Can I attend some ILCE classes before actually registering for them?

    There is a period of 7 days for trying out ILCE classes before having to register. Once this period has expired, students who have not registered will not be admitted.

  • Where can I buy the books required for my classes?

    ILCE course books can be acquired lin the university book store (In the new library building) or in an or the book stores in Pamplona.

  • Can I attend class as an auditor?

    No. Only registered students are allowed to attend ILCE classes.

  • How many students are there per class?

    here is a maximum of 25 students per class, although courses like Spanish Conversation (in which student particpation is required) are smaller.  If there are more students than places, students will be given priority based on the order of registration.

  • If I think my level of Spanish is adecuate, can I change groups?

    Students can only change groups if they have the written permission of the professor.  It is normal for students to feel that the group they are in is too easy or too hard during the first classes, but the groups are established through a placement examen that is complete and effective.  If you have questions about class content, always speak to your professor.

  • I have questions about class content. When and how can I talk to my professor?

    If you have a quick question, you can ask your professor during class or directly afterwards.  If you have more complex questions you can speak with the professor during the established hours for academic advising or set up a time to talk by E-mail.

  • What is advising?

    From its founding, the University of Navarra has been characterized for the personal attention given to every student.  Students have an advisor that gives them advise and orientation on their studies.  International students are also given specific orientation about academic advising.

  • Can I move up exam dates?

    No.  The dates set for exams are established by the School and are official.  They will only be modified under special circumstances (sickness, coinciding with another exam, etc.)  Students in these circumstances should make a request to the director of ILCE, asking for a change of date by means of an instance, and always providing the necessary justficiation.

  • How can I check my grades?

    Students can check their grades in the student Academic Information Portal.  This website, and the information included therein, cannot be accesed without the user name and password.

  • Who should I contact if I...?

    • Have a question about tuition or registration: Ares Miquel


  • I am an Erasmus or Exhange student, who can help me in my School?

    Each School has its own international student Coordinator

  • I want to take the official exams of the Cervantes Institute (DELE) Can I take them at the University?

    Yes, the ILCE website has more information and will periodically show the exam dates, prices and more.

  • Is there a general service that provides information and organizes activities for the students of the Universit.

  • Will I have Medical Insurance?

    Tuition for ILCE does not include medical insurance.  We advise students to consult the website of Health Care Services to see the available insurance options.

  • Can I find a get a job at the University? Which profesor can give me advise? What other things can I do at the University besides study?

    • There is a special web page for University students.  Students can find information on whatever they need there.

    • In addition, foriegn students can consult the International Relations web site or ask for the New International Guide


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